The Landhuis
A miniature version of the Landbouwbelang with it's own community, providing the perfect introduction to the Landbouwbelang itself.
( Unfortunately the Landhuis has been closed for a couple of years now. Due to a conflict about safety with the local municipality. But thank god it's currently being fixed by the Treehouse crew)

About the Landhuis

The Landhuis

keeps re-inventing itself as a community space, because of the qualities, dreams and vigor of it's core group of participants, which continuously attracts new people. As the open living room of Maastricht it houses several recurring activities, but is always open to spontaneous workshops, lectures, movie-nights, cooking activities and meet-ups.


Due to it's focus on sustainability and broad range of activities, the Landhuis attracts visitors from both Maastricht and the region around it, with some of them even crossing the Belgium border. By working, inspiring and being inspired together they cross language- age- and even cultural borders, creating an atmosphere were everybody feels welcome.

Connected to the Landbouwbelang

The Landhuis can be seen as the younger sister of the Landbouwbelang. Due to it's smaller size and openness it gives newcomers a warm introduction into this new world. It will always remain a part of the Landbouwbelang, but has it's own atmosphere and vibe.


Recently the organisation of the Landhuis has been given back to the Landbouwbelang, because it's coregroup fell appart. A new way of organising the Landhuis is being discovered right now.

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