Landbouwbelang community

Most tasks are done by folks living and working at the LBB. Who are these city makers?

Troughout the years, the Landbouwbelang has been an experience for many people. A diverse group of artists, designers, producers, organisers, performers, artisans, students and many others made it their social place, their workspace and even their home. Trough their ideas, ideals, creations, constructions and energy they made the Landbouwbelang to what it is now.

By organising, creating and sharing experiences together a big community has formed itself around this place. Sometimes we have to say 'goodbye' to people, but we can always say 'hello' to new enthousiasts.

Here we would like to introduce all the people who contribute or have contributed to the Landbouwbelang. They are the inhabitants and daily users of this place, or have lived or worked here in the past. Together with a string of enthusiastic volunteers they offer you the oppurtunity to experience the Landbouwbelang and all it has to offer.


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