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06 Jul 202211:00 - 16:00
DAS Party II
From Saturday, 19. October 2019 -  22:00
To Sunday, 20. October 2019 - 03:00

19 10 2019 Poster Final

We Present to you....

Simply the best party in the world ;)

All deeply addictive sounds are selected by the finest artist, soundselectors and performers.



Line Up:



Martin Augustin



Too early for Techno Too late for House






Los Dancing Queens



Live drald with LosDQ, trippy vibesch to dislocate your bones to while dancing. Come enjoy brand new party hits sung by the Schuffel while nicely drug and loosely dressed. LosDQ sexy and good like always.




Bruni Getsing



DJ from cold hell









" You are now witnessing the magical dance of forms. Ecstatic kaleidoscopic patterns explode around you. All possible shapes come to life before you eyes. The retinal circus. The ceaseless play of elements - Earth, water, air, fire, In ever-changing forms and manifestations, Dazzles you with its complexity and variety. Relax and enjoy the rushing stream." ( from: Timothy Leary, psychedelic experience )







From light to laser show. Designing lighting plans. Support during your event. Nothing’s impossible. With this vision we are always ready for your event. We know how to amaze your visitors through creativity-driven concepts. Are you ready to be in the spotlight?






Don't miss it! Or be sorry :p We did warn you! Live will never be the same :D





Additional information:




Location: LBB Big Concert Hall


Entrance: On the riverside, please be quiet for the neighborhood


Damage: 3 to 5 € or more if you really want to make us happy ;)


Drinks: Beer, Wine, Soda and water.


Drugs: NO HARDDRUGS only ganga is ok!


Respect: This event is LGBTQO friendly.


Control: Please come to our security if something happens or you don't feel well.





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